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TVC Pro-Driver's Satisfied Clients

"Dear TVC -
I recently received a letter of disqualification of my commercial driver's license. I had been with another company for 3 - 5 years. I called them on this matter, and they informed me they could not handle anything in the county in which I received the ticket. It disheartened me to think that the service I had been paying for all those years would not do anything to help me. Then I heard of TVC and I called them. Within 3 weeks they helped me keep my commercial driver's license, and it didn't cost a big amount of money. Thank you, everyone at TVC."
Sincerely, Calvin Spence

"Recently, I received a speeding ticket for going 72 in a 55 mph zone in the Atlanta area. TVC represented me on 12-27-95 to verify a course of action. On 1-10-96, the lawyer was able to reduce the charge to 62 miles per hour, so I would not get any points; and the fine that I had already paid was returned to my lawyer uncashed. You can bet that I'm one happy customer, and would recommend this service to everyone driving!"
Richard McCormick

"I was stopped at the scales in California, and received several violations ranging from speeding, logbook, and equipment. The total fines assessed were $1,400. TVC got the fines reduced to $76 and no points on my CDL. I am a three year member."
Dwight Speer, Martin Transportation, Camden, WI

"These tickets were dismissed thanks to TVC. Now I have a clear, I mean nothing on it, MVR.
IL - 72 in a 55
KS - 67 in a 55
VA - 72 in a 55 (did not produce me his radar, plus he was in the median with no lights on)
VA - 74 in a 55
GA - 79 in a 65"
Robert W. Pickett, Unique Transport, Lewisville, TX